Catalan and International Theatre

Be very welcome to my new website. I’m pleased to introduce you to some of the visual/non text based/street shows I represent internationally. Please look into the menu below and start looking at the short promo videos of my roster. I completely love all this shows, there is nothing I promote that I don’t really like and I know you are going to fall in love with some of them too! Please feel free to write me for further info.

“BEAST FROM BELOW” (Eric Davis, AKA Red Bastard)

“SLINKIE LOVE” (Bedlam Oz)

“AUTOMATÀRIUM” (David Berga)

“SIENTA LA CABEZA” (Sienta LaCabeza)


“EL MÊTRE” (Jam)


“BIG BUGS” (mr. Image Theatre)

“JEKYLL ON ICE” (Paolo Nani)

“FRANTIC” (Acrojou)


“THE LETTER” (Paolo Nani)

“EVARISTO & CIA.” (Txo Titelles)

“YOU-TOPIA” (Bandart)